It’s Inherent


The frequency and unexpectedness with which being transgendered asserts itself is ever a source of amazement. Regardless of how deeply in background one may seek to keep this inescapable element of one’s nature and how remote from the experience of a given moment it may be, it surprises. We offer the accompanying picture as evidence.

The presentation of a male and a female is taken from a department store advertisement published in a daily newspaper and its intent was, presumably, simply to entice shoppers to purchase the clothing depicted, male readers the manly attire, females the offered swimwear; hardly to elicit thoughts of crossdressing and assumption of a gender other than that with which a reader was born.

Yet, for this casual Sunday news consumer, the latter was exactly its effect, and without warning. Comfortably settled on a sunlit sofa to enjoy a leisurely perusal of the paper prior to engaging in a distinctly masculine afternoon pursuit of automobile repair, Lynn-ness far removed and unsought, I turned the page to be struck by this advertisement. Immediately attention was focused on the depictions of the two gender-differing individuals, and uncontrollably thoughts were of the desire to emulate the female. Why, the question intruded, would one wish to look like the dull, colorless male below rather than the lovely, curvy, enticing female above?

Lynn’s sudden assertion was unpremeditated and thorough, precipitated by a stimulus as common and innocent as a newspaper advertisement. If a transgendered nature is as inherent and ineluctable as this incident implies, suggestions of it being a choice, a curable aberration of behavior, would seem, as those of so constituted are intimately aware, absurd. One is transgendered as one is tall, or swift, or redheaded. It may be hidden, but it is there.